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Kid's Party Plan

At Monster Kids, we've been delivering Kids Parties for some time… we use the following format to structure our parties, and it works!

Part 1

  • Monsters arrive to hear their favourite music
  • DJ / Entertainer performs a Kids Ice-breaker to get things going
  • We play our first game, better be good because theirs prizes or medals for the winners. As the DJ / entertainer prepares the next game the Monsters have a chance to show-off their dance moves & catch up with their friends. As soon as the song finishes we're off with game no2!
  • We then repeat this structure (Game – Song) for half the duration of the party (approx. 1 hour into the party). Then it's time to break for 15 or 20 minutes for you to feed the little Monsters, do the cake and get them ready for the second half of the party!

Snack / Food Break followed by Birthday Cake & 'Happy Birthday'

Part 2

  • The fun then continues for the Monsters with more great games and dancing to their favourite songs, including some routines and action songs even Mum or Dad can get involved with!
  • Just before the end of the party we award our medals & prizes… and of course make a fuss of the Birthday Boy/Girl if there is one!

All Monster Kids customers are given a login to build a playlist of the Birthday childs favourite songs... these can feature throughout the party… but no need to panic if there's not too many as our DJ / Entertainers will know exactly what will get the party going without a list too!

Your Monsters will have had a great time, you'll have had a great time watching them… your friends will be impressed & your Childs thanks will make it all worthwhile… all we ask is… when your friends ask, you'll pass on our number.